June 26, 2012

Shhhhhhhhhh! Quiet Please!


So, I know most of us out there love to get a good deal, buy something on sale, or find any way to save a few bucks here and there.  Well, my tip for this Tuesday is a money saving idea that I have come to love and it involves this place:

The Public Library

A little over a year ago I decided that I wanted to read some more Suze Orman books after reading one that my friend Lynn gave me entitled, The Young, Fabulous and Broke (which I highly recommend, no matter your age).  I was reading reviews online, not knowing the best one to buy and not wanting to waste money on a book that I ultimately might not like. 

In my mind I was thinking, “I just wish you could rent these to try them out.”  Then, after a bit of a self laugh and a “duh” moment, it hit me like a ton of bricks…you can, at the public library!





I remember going there as a kid and loved looking through the rows and rows of fun books, but had never thought of going as an adult.  I went for the first time one day after school and in about 5 minutes I had my very own library card free of charge.

I am able to check out books for 3 weeks at a time and renew them three additional times as well as DVDs which are checked out for a week at a time with the same renewal process (at my hometown library, others might differ).  The renewals can be done online and the rentals can be returned to any of the 14 locations.

The best part? There is no limit to the number of items checked out at one time.  Score!




Why I love the library and how it can save you money:

Travel Books:  Before traveling to Europe I checked out many up to date travel books referencing the cities to which we were traveling.

Workout DVDs:  I love to check out many different work out DVDs to try out at home and then buy the ones that I liked the best.

Magazines:  I absolutely love magazines, but hate paying close to $5 each time I want to buy one.  Although you can’t check out the latest issue of your favorite magazine, if you don’t mind being a month behind, this is your best bet!

Cookbooks:  The library has all of my favorite Food Network stars and their cookbooks to take home and try out your favorite recipes.

Movies:  Although Redbox is quite a good deal when checking out movies, the library is a close second.  It is hard to get the best new releases, but I have found many popular movies on the shelves that Mike and I have enjoyed…again, for free.

Fiction and Nonfiction/Bestsellers:  They have them all!




Did you know all of these benefits at the library are ABOSLUTELY FREE?

  • Wifi
  • Computer and reading camps for kids and teens
  • Story time for kids and families
  • Computer classes for adults
  • Book Clubs
  • Art Exhibits
  • Money Tip$ Classes
  • Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare Accounts to keep their members up to date
  • eReader Downloads
  • Parenting Classes and seminars


There are so many more programs that I am not even aware of that go on daily at public libraries around the country.  So, go ahead, explore and enjoy this amazing resource at the tip of your fingers!

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