June 7, 2012

Family Date Night


Last night was date night at the Rec!  Well, not really, but we did attend a pottery class at the City of Orlando Downtown Recreation Complex. 




We have played tennis at this complex a couple of times, since Mike works for the City of Orlando he has many free benefits available with his employment, including time on the tennis courts. 

While visiting the courts, I noticed the Pottery Studio sign and immediately became intrigued.  I asked him about it and he said it also was run by the City of Orlando and that they offered pottery classes.  I, of course, wanted to do it right away.



So, Mike being the good sport that he is, signed us up for a $10 class ($5 for kids) to make Spicy Spoon Jars (basically a utensil holder). 

Since we booked it a couple of months ago, I kind of forgot that this was one of the “Family Night” classes geared towards parents with their children.  When we walked up and said that we were here for the Spicy Spoon class, the instructor said, “Just the two of you?  How sweet is that?”.  We got a few laughs since we were the only solo adults going to this class, but it didn’t matter – we had a blast regardless!




The class was set up for about 20 people and our supplies were ready and waiting.  Because of the rain, we started a little late but everybody showed up in the end.




Our instructor, Anne Marie, started by giving whole group instructions.  Most of the kids had been there for other classes before, so they were pros.  I, on the other hand, had to pay close attention.




And then just like that, the already cut clay was passed out and we were on our own.  We became familiar with our tools and learned how to make strong scratches to attach the clay together.  Wimpy scratches weren’t allowed.







Note the “clay boogers” that were left on the table.  I love that term. 

These classes really are geared toward the kids and parents.  Everybody makes their own treasure, but the opportunity for the children to receive guided independence was awesome to watch.




I was a bit nervous to put the bottom on, but…




I did it!  Whew.




After the structure was secure, it was time for stamping and decorating.  There was no limit to your imagination, which I love as well.  The teacher in me thought this class was spectacular, not to mention our Holland born instructor was strict yet loving with the children.  My kind of lady!




Can you tell whose is whose?




I opted for a chevron print (which is hard to keep straight on a cylinder) utensil holder/vase and Mike transformed his into a Wisconsin beer drinking mug (it turned out awesome!).




Then it was time to paint!





The whole class was about and hour and a half long and everybody finished, however some of the kids didn’t quite make it to painting…but they didn’t care, their spoon jars were works of art, with all kinds of creation going on.




After cleaning up we placed our jars on the racks to dry.  They will be fired, glazed and fired again and will be ready for pick up in about 2 weeks.  I can’t wait!




For more information on the Family Fun classes or any other classes offered at the City of Orlando Pottery Studio click here.  I highly recommend these classes for a fun, inexpensive and lighthearted night out, with our without your kids!




Happy Friday-eve!

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