June 22, 2012

FF - Dress for Less


As women, and sometimes men, we always want something new to wear to an event; wedding, shower, party, etc.  We don’t want to wear the same dress to everything and love to have an excuse to go shopping for something fun, fresh and new.

Mike didn’t understand this phenomenon at all when we first met.  He probably still doesn’t, but has gotten used to it by now.  The only problem with buying a new dress or outfit for every upcoming event is dresses can be expensive.  Period.

Our compromise of sorts has become that of a monetary limit while dress shopping.  I don’t think we have verbalized this amount, but in my mind, I challenge myself to spend no more than $25 on a dress for whatever event I am shopping, and with the intent to find a dress that can either be worn to work, or can be used as a  multi-seasonal selection by adding tights and boots.

That inexpensive price tag of $25 may sound crazy and unattainable at first, but the solution to all of my problems was simple:  Ross and Marshalls.  They have great selections, great prices and make for a happy, low cost shopping experience.  And the hubby is happy with the price tag (as am I).   Score.

Here are some of my favorites:



Dress by Forever   Ross $16.99



I wore this dress recently to Kristana and Tony’s wedding and can’t wait to pair it with tights and boots in the fall!




Dress by Epilogue   Marshalls $16.99



I wore this to Jill and Ryan’s wedding and added a chunky belt.  Have also worn this dress to Orlando Magic games and plan to wear to Florida Gator games and parties.




Dress by Emma & Michelle   Ross $18.99



Wore to Jill’s Bridal shower and have since paired with different belts and worn to work many times with boots and flats.




Dress by Spense   Ross $19.99



I fell in love with this LBD (Little Black Dress) and wore it for the first time at Jill’s Bachelorette Party and then to my cousin’s wedding.  Simple, elegant and inexpensive!



Daily Outfits21

Dress by BeBop  Marshalls $5.00 (clearance)



This dress was by far my best deal and is perfect for summer!


Have a great weekend!


  1. OMG...I am the Ross dress queen! I LOVE all the selction and the prices are beyond a bargain. My vball girls are LOVING your site too!
    Shari Bishop

  2. Like you, I enjoy dressing up. I like it even more when I know that i got a good looking outfit for an affordable price. All of the dresses you've shown here look really good on you and the prices are excellent.

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