June 9, 2012



Well, it was a wet one last night!  Mike and I headed to Tampa to see the US Men’s Soccer team play in the first FIFA World Cup Qualifying game versus Antigua and Barbuda.  The weather was yuck, but the game was awesome!





After sitting in traffic and jamming out to the song Proud To Be An American by Lee Greenwood to get in the spirit, we finally arrived to set up our “tailgate”.  The mood all around was a bit dismal, but we made the most of it. 

Who says beach umbrellas are just for the beach?




We drank delicious Sangria and feasted on Pesto Orzo Salad (both recipes coming soon) served in take out boxes that were leftover from last weekend’s festivities.  This was definitely not the time to grill, although many people around us were attempting to in the rain.  Not fun.





With the relentless radar showing non-stop rain, I decided to switch into my rain boots as soon as we arrived.  Definitely a good call.






I forgot Ziploc bags from home, so we made a quick stop before we got to the stadium.  These bags not only keep things dry in wet weather, but as I learned last night, the touchscreen on your phone will work through the plastic bag – score! 




Even though it was raining I could still text and follow the Twitter feeds (below) updating us on game conditions and delays through the Ziploc – genius!




I could even take pictures through the bag – a little fuzzy, but better than nothing!




It stopped raining for about 10 minutes so I could snap a few real pictures, but then the phone had to go back into the bag…more rain.  I think my fingers are still wrinkled!




Our seats for the match were awesome!  We were right behind the goal about 20 rows up.  We got to see the third and final goal made by the United States up close and personal.




USA won 3-1 and even though very wet, there were over 23,000 that ventured out to watch.







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