June 1, 2012

FF–Neon and Neutral




I must say that until yesterday it has taken me a while to get on the neon bandwagon. I wasn’t so sure before, but after trying on a few things yesterday I love the loudness the neon vibe gives off.  I found this fluorescent yellowish chartreuse V-neck Target and had to add it to my collection (I have about 10 different colors of the same shirt = love). 

I didn’t quite know how or what to wear with fluorescent colors until I did a little research and found out that neon and neutrals, mainly khaki and gray, are apparently all the rage.




I love the way the neon brightens up blah shorts and adds a pop of color under an otherwise muted sweater.  I can’t wait to play around and find more combinations.


PS-  T G I F !


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