June 4, 2012

Menu Monday


Boy am I excited!  We have a pretty fun week planned, not to mention that today was my first full day off for summer.  Yipppeeee!  I have a lot of organizing, cleaning out planned during my break (which is my fave) but today was spent not doing much of anything – and it was amazing.

We have lots of leftovers from our House Crawl this past weekend (recap coming tomorrow) and they will definitely be incorporated into our menu this week.  We also have a pottery class, a Friday escapade to Tampa to see these guys:




and then a wedding on Saturday.  Fun times!

Here is our plan:

M: Taco Salad (leftovers)

T: Pesto Chicken Panini w/ Corn on the Cob and Fresh Fruit

W: Fried Eggs and Stuffing (My new favorite) w/ Roasted Carrots

Th: Smothered Steak with Gorgonzola Grits and Roasted Green Beans

F: USA Soccer!!!

Sa: Kristana and Tony’s Wedding

Su: Creamy Veggie Pasta


Have a great week!

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