June 21, 2012

Great Gadgets–Griddle


Happy Friday-eve everybody!  I haven’t added an installment of Great Gadgets in a very, very long time, but wanted to share with you today my love of this exemplary piece of equipment: 

Drumroll please………………

The Electric Griddle!




I am not a component of many kitchen gadgets.  I think most of them are unnecessary and a waste of money, but this little piece of heaven is one of my most favorite things in my kitchen.  At around $20-30 dollars for most normal versions, this affordable flat top has been used in my kitchen for both sweet and savory dishes.

When shopping for griddles, however, there are many different variations to choose from and it generally comes down to personal preference:

  • large/small
  • griddle plates (goes on top of your stove)
  • warming drawer option
  • grease drain (great when making bacon)
  • griddle/grill combo

I opted for the plain Jane electric version with none of the bells and whistles and it has served me well over the past two years.  I probably use mine at least once a week and think it was definitely the best $20 I have spent in a long time!  I keep it in an easy to reach place and love that I don’t have to depend on my stove to heat it up, it’s self sufficient!






This gadget is perfect for “feeding the masses” and besides being the best and quickest option (in my opinion) for cooking pancakes, it has many other talents for cooking up some of your favorite dishes and sides:

  • pancakes/French toast
  • sausage/bacon
  • eggs
  • hash browns
  • caramelizing fruit: peaches, pineapple, bananas, etc.
  • flatbreads
  • kebabs
  • hamburgers/hotdogs
  • buns
  • sautĂ©ing veggies
  • Warming up pizza or wraps/tortillas


If you are still on the fence about purchasing an electric griddle or dusting yours off from years underneath other pots and pans, here are some tips to push you onto the bandwagon:

  • nonstick and unplugs for an easy and quick cleanup
  • thin and compact for storage – not bulky (most versions)
  • great for weeknight assembly line meals (grilled cheese sandwiches)
  • very portable, great for camping
  • can sear anything in seconds
  • heats up in minutes with multiple temperature options


Now that I am dreaming of pancakes – have a great day!

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