January 29, 2013

Nursery Update–COMPLETED!



It seems like just yesterday (I know I will be saying that a lot in the coming months/years) I was finding inspiration pictures for our nursery (see inspiration board below).  Now I am happy to say that it is finished! 




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Now, everything is in place and ready to go.




The coolest, most unique part of the nursery is the handmade tree bookshelf.  I found a picture on Pinterest (see below) way back when and simply showed Mike and said…”Can you build this for the nursery?”  He probably wished he would have said no, but he didn’t and built this from scratch just by simply looking at the picture.




I LOVE how it turned out and am so impressed; it would take me 8 years to even decided how to make it.  He really doesn’t think it’s a big deal, but I think he rocks.  Smile




There was a lot of taping, mapping, measuring, cutting, screwing (lol, sorry) and staining, but here is the final product:




Luckily, it is bolted to the wall pretty well if our little bundle of joy decides to use it as a climbing structure…who am I kidding…when our little guy uses as a climbing wall.  Hopefully he’ll love it as much as we do!

My nana also made these awesome floor pillows for lots of reading and relaxing to come. 


  • Toy Storage

I also found this cool vintage basket to use as a toy basket (to start out – I know we will have multiple toy baskets before long).  I originally bought it to use as a trash can, but love the way it looks in the nursery!



  • Changing Station

Our changing station is complete with the changing pad, waterproof pad (for you mom) and our wipes dispenser.  Notice, not a wipe warmer – which I heard from a few friends was totally unnecessary – but this keeps the wipes accessible and moist (ugh, that word) with just one touch and looks pretty cool.  I love it!




  • Closet

The closet has been ready for a few weeks, but I did want to share a cool “peek a boo” picture idea.  My mom brought down this picture of me as a baby, and although I didn’t want to hang it in the room, I did want to incorporate it somewhere, so I hung it in a spot in the closet and think it’s so fun to see every time I open it up.





  • Homemade onesies

We eneded up with some plain white onesies somehow and decided to make some personal touches to them!  I used Steam-a-Seam to adhere the designs to the onesies and simply sewed them on afterwards to add some detail. 

The anchor was my idea – my college mascot was a “Tar” which is a sailor, so this is my nod to Rollins while Mike made the tree onesie as his signature piece.



The coolest part?  He sketched out an exact replica of his tree bookshelf creation to put on the onesie.  Look closely – it’s the exact same design.  So cool!




PS-He was wearing his “tree shirt” while putting it all together as well.  I think they will definitely be two peas in a pod for sure!


Now all we need is a baby!




  1. Love the nursery! Mike did an amazing job on the tree! I can't wait to see pictures of the little one! So excited for you both! (CT)

  2. Can I just tell you that Everett's nursery is by far the best I've ever seen. Mike truly did an amazing job on the tree, serious talent!

  3. Wow, your Mike looks just like my son Rob! My daughter found this and couldn't believe it wasn't him. She thought maybe he had done this for his friend or sister in law, as Rob is a woodworker, too. Rob is just a little older and bigger in the middle and legs and the upper lip is a bit different, but he stands the same way, wears the same shaped caps, same thick glasses, same 5 o'clock shadow, same size arms and shoulders. We all thought it could be him, even Rob. Too funny.

  4. Long shot....Would you happen to have the plans/instructions/pattern for the tree shelves?

  5. Yes, I too was wondering about the tree plans. I wanted to know how it was secured.

  6. I'd love to know how the book tree is attached to the wall as well, I've got a plan in my mind if it were mounted to a piece of plywood before mounting to the wall but I'd prefer to attach it directly to the wall.

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