January 15, 2013

Secret Weapon


While visiting Wisconsin over the holidays (as I posted previously) we ate at some pretty delicious spots.  One of which we visited twice – Crema CafĂ©. 




Both times I opted for their breakfast sandwich.  It was the perfect combination of flavors and had the most delicious cheddar-herb cream cheese slathered on both sides of the bread. 




Breakfast Sandwich fried egg, smoked bacon,

cheddar-herb cream cheese, frisee on ciabatta


I loved the idea of the cream cheese spread, but didn’t want to spend a whole lot of time recreating the flavors with the risk of getting the mixture too salty with different seasonings; so I used my secret weapon instead:  Boursin Spreadable Cheese!




This tub of deliciousness (above) is perfect to spread on anything by itself, but was amazing when I mixed it with a bit of shredded cheese for an extra kick.  It tasted just like the spread at Crema!




We ate these “gourmet” egg sandwiches while my mom was in town and they got rave reviews.  I used Challah (egg bread) instead of ciabatta since they were out of it when I went shopping and added ham instead of bacon as the meat (it was already on hand in our house).  I also used my panini press to combine all of the flavors and get a little bit of a “melty” effect and served them with a small bowl of fruit - awesome!







Happy eating!

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