June 5, 2012

Parade of Homes


I remember when I was younger, my mom loved to go look at houses.  We even went to a few Parade of Homes to get “dream house” ideas.  Well, now that she is in her dream house, I no longer have to go to the formal house parades…now I prefer House Crawls!

This past weekend we, along with all of our friends, decided to put together our own version of the Parade of Homes with a Bar Crawl feel; very similar to a progressive dinner.  This was in honor of Mike’s Birthday and our friend Rhett’s going away party (he’s headed to NYC for a job promotion – kudos Rhett!).  Since all of our friends live within a mile of each other we thought this would be fun and a little bit different from a regular back yard BBQ.




We came up with our route and then of course, with everything we do, we had to put our own spin on the normal progressive dinner rules. 

Instead of eating a different course at each house, we decided on appetizers at each casa.  To make it even more fun, we opted for themes at each house.  Each homeowner got to pick their own theme and then choose the menu.  Any form of transportation was allowed, although most of us opted for bikes and there was also a 2 hour time limit (roughly) at each house to keep on somewhat of a schedule.

Here’s how it all went down:


House #1 – Italy

Prepared by:  Jill and Ryan

These newlyweds just got back from an Italian honeymoon, not to mention that Ryan is from an Italian family!




  • Bruschetta
  • Italian Cold Cuts: 
    Hard Salami, Capicola, Turkey and Provolone Cheese
  • Meatballs
  • Biscotti with Nutella
  • Proseco




House Crawl


House Crawl8

Delicious yumminess!



Proseco Toast for the girls!


House Crawl7

Jill even left some prep items out so I could photograph for the blog – <3 love!



Glad to see our handiwork being put to good use!

Mike and I made the UK Cornhole Boards (she’s an alum) as a wedding gift to Jill and Ryan – they were awesome!



With the two hour time limit quickly approaching we headed to the next stop.


House #2 – Just Beachy

Prepared by:  Lynn and Tuller

These two love the beach and everything about it.  Surf sessions are their favorite and they even named their dog Reef.  Their new house even has a Key West look!



  • Fresh Fruit:  Watermelon, Strawberries, Blueberries, and Pineapple
  • Spinach and Arugula with Tomatoes and Feta
  • Tuna Pasta Salad
  • Pineapple Sliders*
  • Beach Paradise Cocktail



House Crawl1



Lynn’s outdoor patio area was perfect for entertaining.  They haven’t been there long, but she has big plans for a party yard!

The umbrellas and tree canopy was a perfect deterrent for the midday sun.  It was delightful!


House Crawl10


They even served the food atop a surf board – genius!



House Crawl2



Beach Paradise Cocktail



Pineapple Sliders – must recreate at home!


House Crawl11

The canines were enjoying the parade almost as much as the humans!


House #3 – La Fiesta

Prepared by:  Lane, Mike and Nate

Since our house along with our friend Nate’s weren’t on the parade route, we decided to offer our culinary services at Rhett’s house.  He was the guest of honor and we wanted to treat him to a Mexican Feast!  Ariba!




  • Taco Salad Bar with Chicken and Beef
  • Chips and Queso
  • Beef and Pork Quesadillas
  • Red Wine Sangria


House Crawl4


Although it was a Mexican theme, there was a little bit of Asian fusion thrown in:  we served the taco salad out of Chinese take out boxes.  They were perfect for mixing and carrying!







House Crawl3

My first attempt at Red Wine Sangria – so easy and so good! 

Recipe coming soon!


Taco Salad topped with Queso and Fritos…mmmmmm.



Biking with my sombrero and lawn chairs – a classic.  My shirt acted as my reflector since I didn’t have a bike light (don’t worry mom, it’s coming!).


House #4 – Dawkins Delights

Prepared by:  Jenny and Jeremy

Of course dessert was not the only thing on the menu for these two party animals.  With an inflatable pool and karaoke in the backyard, this stop turned our parade up a notch and made for a fun late night party.  They never disappoint!




  • Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream Bar with Homemade Whipped Cream and Toppings
  • Birthday Cake: Triple Layer Marble Cake with Strawberries and Vanilla Buttercream Frosting
  • Karaoke and Pool Party


House Crawl6


Since we were all stuffed from the previous three stops, we opted to wait a bit before digging into dessert. 




Toppings included:  Oreos (plain and mint), fresh strawberries, homemade whipped cream, bananas, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup.  The possibilities were endless.




While we waited, it was time for a little slip and slide action.  We may be “grown ups” but we still like to have fun!


House Crawl5




Karaoke was also live on the deck.  I think my abs are still sore from laughing.  Bad singing and good times.



House Crawl13


Our first ever House Crawl was a complete success, thanks to all who made it happen.  I am already so excited for the next one…maybe once a season?  I can’t wait to start planning! 

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