April 14, 2012

Spring Sprucing


Instead of spring cleaning, I have been spring sprucing!  It’s amazing how a week off, random items just sitting around and a couple of cans of spray paint can spruce a house right up!

This is a great way to add dimension to your house without spending beaucoup bucks.  Pick your paint, prep your area and item and then spray away; but be sure you’re not close to anything you don’t want painted!  Most of all, have fun with it!


Here are a few of my creations, with a couple more things on my list.


  • This tarnished fruit basket from my mom via my nana went from drab to fab in about 10 minutes!




  • These brown finial bookends were given to me by my mom a while ago and got lost on one of my bookshelves.  Now they look fabulous holding my cookbooks on our buffet!








  • This iron leaf basket blended in with everything around the house.  Not anymore!







---For the next couple of pictures I don’t have before and after shots.  I got too excited and just started spraying before I could take pics (oops), but I do love the results!


  • This magazine holder given to me by my Nana went from a faded celery green to a bright turquoise – love!



  • Below is my napkin basket that lives in the pantry.  I have had this basket forever and finally decided to give it a makeover.  It’s much brighter and happier!



  • This was a galvanized lantern that we bought to use for some of our wedding decorations.  Luckily the glass came out easily which made the paint job super simple. 



  • Lastly, this super cool and unique vase was given to me by my Aunt Dawnie.  I love the mason jar feel and wanted to liven it up just a bit.  The red helps pop the top and holder and definitely makes a fun statement next to our couch.  So fun!






I would definitely recommend gloves, they will save you many trips to the sink! 


Good Luck!

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