April 25, 2012

Checking it Twice

I am a list maker.  I make lists of lists.  Most times it is overkill, but when it comes to packing, for me, it is a must.  I often times feel like Santa Clause, making my list and checking it twice (or three or four times), but the last thing I want is to be unprepared. 

As we were packing last night for our trip to Nashville (we leave tonight, yay!) I thought I would share my packing method(s) with you.  The most important part is the prep work, after that, packing is a breeze.


Here are my suggestions for pre-packing:
  • Step 1:  Make a generic packing list template or copy one online.  Minimized example below, click here for printable version.
Essentials: DO NOT FORGET




Cardigans/Long Sleeve/Sweaters:








  • Step 2:  Personalize your template and categorize it according to your needs.  You can customize this easily from trip to trip, but the necessities should always stay on your template (deodorant, pajamas, toothbrush, etc) so they are always there.

Running Essentials: DO NOT FORGET
Ÿ        Running Shoes (New Balance)
Ÿ        Socks
Ÿ        Sports Bra/Singlet
Ÿ        Running Shorts
Ÿ        Long Sleeve Throw Away Shirt
Ÿ        Visor (Mike)
Ÿ        Watches
Ÿ        After Race Bag – change of clothes
Ÿ        Bras (straps and strapless)
Ÿ        Underwear
Ÿ        Socks
Ÿ        Pajamas
Ÿ        Bathing suit
Ÿ        Scarves
Ÿ        Belts
Ÿ        Watch
Ÿ        Earrings
Ÿ        Wedding Ring
Cardigans/Long sleeve/Sweaters:
Ÿ        Shampoo/conditioner
Ÿ        Hair gel/ hair spray
Ÿ        Body wash/face wash
Ÿ        Tooth brush/tooth paste
Ÿ        Deodorant
Ÿ        Hair Bands/Clips
Ÿ        Band-Aids
Ÿ        Perfume
Ÿ        Make-up + lip balm
Ÿ        Aleve (bottle)
Ÿ        Vitamins
Ÿ        Q-tips
Ÿ        Contacts (Mike)
Ÿ        Vaseline/Powder/Icy Hot
Ÿ        Garbage Bag

Ÿ        Camera
Ÿ        Laptop
Ÿ        iPad w/ ear buds
Ÿ        Chargers: camera/iPad+phone/laptop
Ÿ        Pillow
Ÿ        Koozies
Ÿ        Hand Sanitizer
Ÿ        Prescription Medications
Ÿ        Sunglasses
Ÿ        Playing cards
Ÿ        Safety Pins (for race bib)
Ÿ        Ice Packs

Ÿ        Cowboy Boots
Ÿ        Flip Flops
Ÿ        Fila Running Jacket
Ÿ        DL
Ÿ        Credit/Debit Cards
Ÿ        Insurance cards
Ÿ        Race Confirmation Sheet
Ÿ        Hotel Confirmation
Ÿ        Gel Energy Supplements
Ÿ        Snacks/Prerace Items
Ÿ        Recovery Drinks
Ÿ        Water/Sports Drinks/Propel
Ÿ        Luna Bars
Ÿ        Portable Nut Butters

  • Step 3: Loosely plan your days so you will know what types of clothes to pack when it comes time.  Example:  How many days and nights will you be visiting your destination? What types of activities will you be participating in?  What is the weather going to be?  Will you need boots, sneakers, or flip flops?   

  • Step 4:  Print out any important documents needed for your trip (confirmation printouts, flight information, hotel directions, etc) and put in a manila envelope or folder and put it directly into your suitcase or carry-on as soon as you begin the packing process.


All of this list making and template customization might sound silly, but it will save tons of time in the long run.  I did this for the first time before we went to Europe for 12 days with only backpacks and it helped so much!    (Click here for my Europe Packing List)


  • Empty or make room on your SD card in your camera so you are ready to take as many pictures as you want!  There's nothing worse than having to delete them manually.
  • If going on a road trip, be sure to invest in a phone car charger.  It is worth the piece of mind to know that you will have a charged phone whenever you need it.
  • Take only the necessary shoes - they take up the most space in your suitcase and don't forget to count the ones you are wearing on your travel day!


  • When traveling to nice weather locations, take cardigans instead of jackets for cool nighttime temps.  Again, this will save you space in your suitcase!
  • Leave expensive jewelry at home.
  • Make your wardrobe last longer.  Pack different colored solid shirts (I love short sleeved v-necks) that can be worn alone or with a cardigan and mixed and matched with different bottoms for additional wearability.
  • Scarves are great travel accessories.  Adding a scarf is a great way to give an outfit a bit of a twist, adds warmth on a chilly night and can even double as a pillow in a pinch.
  • Always pack snacks for those "in a pinch" moments when your schedule gets out of whack.

  • IMG_6141

    And my #1 rule for packing?



    Happy packing!!!

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