April 21, 2012

Giddy Up!


I love weeknight parties!  Especially weeknight parties with flannel and cowboy boots.

This past Thursday we headed over to our friends, Kamrin and John’s house, to celebrate their son’s first birthday.

Here’s the recap…yeehaw!



Palmer's bday1


We were there to celebrate this guy (see below).  Palmer was turning 1 that day and was so excited about his cowboy themed party.




His nickname is Duke, and Kam ended up creating a spectacular dude ranch just for him.




His sister, Keltin, is my Goddaughter and my favorite 3 year old around!  She was definitely in party mode with her hat and bandana and ready to celebrate.




Luckily the rain stayed away and the outdoor details stayed in place. The weather was quite “touch and go” for a bit before the party started. 

There were bandanas for everyone, chalk board tables, bubbles for the kids and even a game of horseshoes.


Palmer's bday2


Everything was so festive!




I was asked by Kamrin to prepare and cater the food for the event.  I, of course, said yes and was so honored that she asked.  This was the first official catering gig since the whole “Grocery Lane” idea popped in my head and I was so excited.

I would have been at the party anyway, but loved playing an integral part in making it extra special for the birthday boy.




Palmer's bday3


The cowboy-esque menu was both kid and adult friendly and featured the following items:

  • BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders
  • Napa Salad (the favorite)
  • Potato Salad
  • Watermelon
  • Tater Tots
  • Carrots w/ Ranch Dip
  • Corn Bread Muffins
  • Collard Greens (courtesy of Winter Park Urban Farm)


Kamrin’s husband and our friend, John, is the founder of the Winter Park Harvest Festival, Winter Park Urban Farm and is the owner of East End Market (coming soon).  The farm is actually located on the side yard of their house and is filled with delicious homegrown veggies.  To learn more about this local foodie movement and for more information check out www.alocalfolkus.com and follow @johnrife on Twitter.





After dinner, it was cake smashing time for Duke.  He had no clue the fun that was about to happen!








He wasn’t quite so sure about the whole thing at the beginning, but after a little support from his big sis, he dug in and ended up eating almost the whole (very large) cupcake!




Palmer's bday




Apparently something better was happening on the side that peaked the interest of K and P. This was the best family pic we could get, but still precious even without everybody looking.



After Palmer finished his dessert, the rest of the kiddos were treated to ice cream sandwiches in the shapes of cowboy hats, boots and sheriff stars.

The chocolate chip cookie base with cookie dough ice cream was a hit.  They were gobbled up and gave a nice reprieve from the humid temps.


Palmer's bday6


Although the adults were a bit jealous of the ice cream sandwiches, they weren’t left out.  Homemade banana pudding was on the menu for the “big” kids.

This textural and just sweet enough dessert definitely hit the spot and made for a great ending to a really fun night.




After dessert, there was just enough time for a little bit more “coloring”, baby clean-up and ghost tours before it was bedtime for the little ones.


Palmer's bday8


The party favors were the last treat of the night.

The goodie bags, which consisted of s’mores making materials, were labeled and adorned with the cutest lantern stamps.  They were almost as cute as all of the little bitties at the party.


Palmer's bday4


After the kids left, it was our turn to have a little fun with the party trinkets as well. 

Can you say, “Stache-o-licious”?

IMG_6084Palmer's bday7IMG_6085


By the end of the night we were all pooped, especially Murphy, but it was worth it.  The party was a huge success with lots of love, laughing and really yummy food. 


IMG_6070The resident party “animal”:  Murphy.  Can you say done?


Happy 1st Birthday Palmer Duke!

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