April 4, 2012

The It List–April



1.  Bungalow 360 - 

I picked up this adorable bag on our recent school field trip to Gatorland.  I couldn’t resist:  alligators in Green Bay Packer colors…it was perfect!

After researching the brand a bit, I was smitten with the fun, well crafted totes (with awesome hidden zippers), handbags, wallets and more.  Started in 1998, Bungalow 360 is earth friendly and animal happy.  A great choice for spring!





2.  Fridge Coasters -

OK.  Some of you might not know that having an organized refrigerator is one of my “things”.  When I saw these Fridge Coasters on another blog that I read, I went crazy.  Now, not only can I have an organized fridge, but a colorfully patterned one as well.  I can’t wait to place my order!







3. Anything Chevron -

Recently, I have fallen in love with anything donning a chevron print.  They are not your average stripes and give off a clean and crisp vibe.  Most of these inspiration photos were found by simply searching on sites like Pinterest and Etsy, and have really gotten my decorative juices flowing - I can’t wait to play around with the pattern!



it list april1



4.  Jack Rogers Sandals -

I have loved these resort style sandals since my college days at Rollins.  They are a classic Palms Spring style staple and look great with everything from a shorts to skirts, and even a crisp pair of linen pants.  They are classy, sassy and perfect for a day spent shopping or simply lounging by the pool.





5.  Scentsy -

These fun and individualized fragrance warmers are not only safe (no flame) and smell great, but are also perfect for gift giving!  We are the proud owners of the two warmers shown below and I must say that I love the different flavored waxes to choose from.  Scentsy offers a great product and is one of Forbes list of America’s 100 most promising companies.

My sister in law, Sara, is a Scentsy independent consultant, so click here if you are interested!



it list april

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