April 19, 2012

Do you?

Today's post is a bit random, but it comes from many of my "a-ha" moments over the past couple of weeks.  Enjoy!

1.  Do you ever feel guilty about eating a bowl of ice cream? 

I do.  Mainly because one serving of ice cream (1/2 C generally) looks so small in my regular sized bowl.  I have tried using smaller bowls so that the portion size looks bigger - this is really all just a mental game - but I think I have found an even better option without any cleanup!


Whenever I do indulge in ice cream or frozen yogurt, usually about once a week, I now use ice cream cups!  These little cones are the perfect size and makes me feel like a kid again.  I figure by adding the 20 calories from the ice cream cup, I am saving about 150 by not filling up my bowl with a second serving of the actual ice cream.  Score!


2.  Do you love kebabs but hate the fact that they don't stay put on the skewer?

This tip actually comes from Mike.  He is the grill master at our house and used to get so frustrated when grilling kebabs.  It seemed that it didn't matter how big or small the pieces were, they would always swivel and turn around on the skewer when he would try to turn them over.  So basically only one side of the kebab was getting those great charred grill marks.


We bought many different types of skewers to try, one type even had a tray to help hold them in place, but none of them worked.  Then, one day he suggested that we put two skewers through the meat and veggies to make one kebab.  BINGO!  It worked like a charm.   All sides are now charred perfectly and the grill man is a happy camper!


3.  Do you want a healthy alternative to granola?

It is no secret that I LOVE GRANOLA, the only problem is that I can eat an entire batch in one sitting.  OK, maybe not the whole batch, but probably close to it!

I decided that I needed another healthy alternative to granola to go on top of yogurt, cottage cheese or to eat with my banana and peanut butter for a bit of crunch. 

Uncle Sam Cereal was the perfect fit.  It is packed full of protein and fiber, has a short ingredient list and received an A nutrition rating on http://caloriecount.about.com/calories-u-s-uncle-sam-cereal-i98022


The best part for me is that it is basically unsweetened.  I say that is the best part because I don't really like it by itself (unlike the granola) so I don't eat hand fulls of it as I'm fixing my snack. 

The lack of sweetness pairs perfectly with vanilla or fruit flavored yogurt that is naturally sweetened and gives it a huge crunch.  I have even recently used it to top smoothies and even french toast.  I am definitely a fan!



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