April 20, 2012

FF–The Right to Bare Arms

I know technically it is considered Spring, but in Florida it is HOT.  We generally skip the spring season altogether (sigh) and head right from winter to summer, although this year our winter was more like spring.  We are all mixed up down here!

To keep cool in the warm weather I love to integrate sleeveless tops and dresses into my wardrobe.  In many professions sleeveless is often considered to be inappropriate in the workplace. 

Here are some tips for wearing a sleeveless top (or dress) to the office without looking like you're headed  the beach.

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1.   Sleeveless doesn't have to mean sloppy.  Any sleeveless top should be just as modest as any other shirt you would wear to work.  Save your cotton ribbed tank tops, halters and spaghetti straps for the weekend. 

2.  Be sure to keep a cardigan or bolero  nearby if you experience the following things:  
  • You find yourself  in and out of the office going to and from extreme temperatures (outside to A/C).
  • You experience impromptu meetings being scheduled without notice.
  • You  don't love the look of your bare arms.
3.  When shopping for sleeveless selections, look for more structured, detailed and embellished tops and pair them with conservative bottoms.  Capped or ruffled sleeves are also a fun alternative and give a nice feminine touch to sleeveless selections.

4. Make your sleeveless top more interesting.  Dress it up by adding a lightweight vest, summer scarf or cinched belt around your waist. 

5. Always wear a strapless bra.  Even if you think the straps of your sleeveless shirt are wide enough to cover it, there is always a chance for the occasional strap slip which is a big no no.  Be safe, go strapless.

T  G   I   F   !

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