January 17, 2012



I love finding little things that make life just a bit easier.  Here are a few tidbits that make me smile.


1.  Add some spice.  By adding a little bit of cinnamon to your morning coffee grounds, you’re adding a touch of smooth flavor.  It’s a fun way to spice it up.



2.  Separate.  I have two sets of teaspoons that I love (one from Crate and Barrel and the other from Anthropologie), but I used to hate to use just one and have to wash all four since they were all connected.  By separating them and keeping them in a small container in my drawer, I can just grab the one I need.  Love that!




3.  Wrap it up.  I don’t use celery that much, but I do have to buy it for certain recipes.  One way to extend the life of celery is to wrap it in foil.  By doing this, your stalks will stay fresh three times as long.  It’s amazing!




4.  Make room.  I love specialty coffee mugs, but seem to run out of room in my cabinet.  Simply by screwing hooks underneath your cabinet near your coffee maker, you have an easy access adorable mug display and more room in your cabinets.





5.  Fresh fruit.  Keep your fruit (apples, pears, kiwi, grapes, cherries) in the fridge.  We have a designated fruit bowl in our fridge that does the trick.  Our fruit lasts up to twice as long as if it sat at room temperature.  There is nothing like a cold apple!  The only thing we keep out are the bananas.  They don’t like the chilly temps.



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