January 6, 2012

Fashionable Friday–Seeing Stripes


In one of my many “How do I make my blog better, without making it more complicated” thoughts today, I decided that I needed a bit more structure to my posts.  Flashback Friday has been fun, but Mike suggested that instead I try a new weekly post:  Fashionable Friday. 

I loved the idea and thought it was genius.  Mike, of course, knows better than anybody how many outfit pictures I have, since he’s the one to take them every morning.  He is so good to me.

So, with that being said, today for the first installment of Fashionable Friday I am seeing stripes! 

I have noticed lately that almost everything I have been pinning on my “Me” Pinterest board has involved stripes; skirts, dresses, shirts, blazers.  I am really into them right now, no clue why, but just realized that they are not only a classic print and great by themselves, but also amazing mixed with other patterns!

Here are two examples that I came up with just this week and thought were so fun. 

IMG_2644 IMG_2815

Here is another stripes/floral example that I wore at Thanksgiving (this picture actually turned out to be our Christmas Card this year!):




P.S.- Check out the new boot socks in the first picture – they are SUPER long and only $5 from Target.  Love them!

P.P.S. – They striped shirt in the first picture is a new purchase from Old Navy (great sale) and I highly recommend it.  Loose, flow-y 3/4 sleeved and perfect dressed up or down for any season.  Check it out HERE.



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  2. Very cute, Lane! I love the blue and white shirt! (I'm a sucker for stripes too!) Thanks for sharing :-)