January 5, 2012

Love Bucks


Do you want to know the best stocking stuffers ever?  They are called Love Bucks* and they are SO AWESOME! 

Love Bucks are simply just homemade coupons made by a loved one for another loved one.  They can be personalized for any situation and are so much fun to give and receive.

I started making them last year to give Mike for his birthday and Christmas. He loved them and actually cashed them in, all of them. 

Then, I kind of wanted to get into the action, so he agreed that if I made the template, he would fill them it out.  Score!  I loved every one and cashed my first one in tonight:




After my first day back at work from Christmas break, I (a huge advocate of cooking at home) decided I would like a night off and had a craving for spicy tuna.

We opted for a delicious sushi extravaganza at our local favorite, Bayridge Sushi.

We ordered A LOT of food, but by the end of the meal, there was nothing left!  I think a.) we were hungry, and b.) Bayridge is just that good.




The damage:

  • Miso Soup (Mike)
  • House Salad w/ Ginger Dressing (Me)
  • Edamame
  • 2 Spicy Tuna Rolls
  • 1 Spicy Octopus Roll (Mike)
  • 1 Paradise Roll









Happy girl!




*If you are interested in knowing what some of my other Love Bucks from Mike were, here they are:

  1. 8 minute 15 second head massage
  2. You must do a Yoga workout with me
  3. I don’t want to cook take me to dinner
  4. 12 minute 3 second back rub
  5. Déjà vu (pick one that is already done)


A how-to post and more Love Buck ideas coming soon!

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  1. Oh, yay!! I want to make these for Sam. Looking forward to the follow-up post.