January 23, 2012

Menu Monday

Good morning!

Before we get to Menu Monday, I have to tell you about Ice Cream Sundays!  We are not usually huge dessert people, but sometimes we do go through phases.  Mike is definitely an ice cream lover and I need something sweet at the end of a meal every now and then.

One of our traditions we started a while back, is that whenever we are training for a race we reward ourselves for a hard week of running every Sunday...with ice cream.  We still eat it in moderation, but love looking forward to a nice dessert treat after a week of pretty intense exercise.

For our first batch of ICS treats we chose Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches.  So yummy and still low fat.  The cookies and cream are tasty, but I still love the Mint Chocolate Chip variety the best!


As for our menu plan this week, we're pretty busy.  Between running, soccer and parent/teacher conferences we needed a simple game plan. 

Besides surviving this week, my goal is to also try to add some new smoothie recipes to the mix and report back with some yummy variations.  Until then, have a good one!

M:  Leftovers

T:  Veggie Scramble w/ Hash browns & Greek Yogurt Parfaits

W: Tuna Sandwiches w/ Apple Slices

Th: Meatloaf w/ Stuffing and Roasted Green Beans

F: Creamy Veggie Chicken Pasta

Sa: Jill's Bachelorette Party

Su: Pesto Chicken Stromboli w/ Garlicky Carrots

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