January 4, 2012

Scarf It Up


In celebration of our freezing temperatures in the Sunshine State, I wanted to pass along my love for what I think is a very underrated accessory…the scarf!


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Scarves are not only a great way to stay warm, but they can add a punch of color or pattern to any outfit and make it a bit more interesting. 

The best news?  You can wear them during all seasons, including spring and summer.  My s&s scarves are a lightweight t-shirt material that look adorable with tank tops and a pair of shorts.


Have fun with it!


  • Scarves are a great souvenir to bring back from trips and make great gifts as well – I bought 3 in Europe and wanted to bring back 10 more!
  • Personalize it – scarves are a great way to show off a monogram.
  • Go team!  I love to buy scarves that are my favorite team colors, that way you always have an accessory ready for those cold weather games (see above:  Gator blue and Packer yellow).
  • Patterns add pizzazz- don’t be afraid to go for pattern and/or texture (stripes, polka dots, sequins, chevron, etc), it usually livens up those dreary winter colors.
  • Over/Under – Use your scarf as the main statement piece of your outfit over a cardigan, or an understated element peeking out of a heavier jacket.
  • Look for sales – I find great sales on scarves, especially when bathing suit season comes around, so stock up!
  • Change it up - there are so many ways to wear scarves, so get creative! Here are some great examples:




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