August 17, 2012

Secret Weapon


You all know that I am a little bit quirky.  I’m sure Mike would definitely agree.  One of my quirks is that I just don’t like eating salads at home. They just don’t do it for me. 

I love ordering them out at restaurants, some of my favorites come from Greens and Grille, Eden's, Panera and of course – one of everyone’s favorite – Olive Garden, but when I recreate the salads at home they just don’t taste as good.  I don’t know what it is.

Sometimes I think the lettuce doesn’t taste right, but more often than not it is that the dressing is off.  Well, tonight I pulled out my secret weapon.  The “go to” bottle that will turn any salad from ho-hum to yum-yum.

This guy did the trick for me:



The real deal, official Olive Garden Italian Dressing. YUM.

Just the thought of it made me want to eat salad for dinner, and so we did!

Our salad last night included: green leaf lettuce, carrots, bell pepper, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and homemade croutons.



So, with that being said, my tip for the day is that when visiting your favorite restaurants don’t forget to look for take home versions of your favorite items to recreate at home on a budget.

--Most of these below are for my loyal Orlando readers, but check out restaurants near you for take home goodies!


Tijuana Flats – they sell all of their hot sauces and you can order large sides of their delicious salsa to take home.

Einstein Bagels – take home your favorite blend of their delicious coffee and a tub of yummy schmear.

4 Rivers – their homemade bbq sauce is not only worth the drive there, but also the standing in line!

Olive Garden – buy bottles of their famous Italian Dressing.  If you go near Christmas, this would be a great stocking stuffer!

Many grocery stores also stock restaurant items on the shelves so you have everything in one spot.  Hooters Wing Sauce and Taco Bell Taco Sauce just to name a few.


Have a delicious weekend!

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