August 29, 2012

Cheat Sheets


It is no surprise that I love organizing, routines and Pinterest.  I am an advocate of anything that can make my daily life a little bit easier (at work and home) and I get so exited when I think of a shortcut, checklist or cheat sheet to make that happen (dorky, I know).

Well, I have good news!  Although it is always fun to figure things out on your own, I found some cheat sheets that are already created and ready to go – my theory; why recreate the wheel?

I found all of these ideas on Pinterest and have linked the picture to the original blog for more information.  There are tons of cheat sheets like this available ranging in topics from:

  • workout circuit ideas
  • photography tips
  • furniture arrangements
  • punctuation reminders
  • wedding seating capacity

and everything in-between.  You can also personalize these (making your own in a Word document) to make it fit your life a little bit better.

Here are some of my favorites.  Happy pinning!

















I know sheets like this are in my future Smile.


Have a great Wednesday!

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