August 31, 2012

FF– In Between


Having recently started my second trimester (crazy that I am already that far along!) I am at a bit of a crossroads.  Some days I hear how big my bump is getting and the next day I am told that I don’t look pregnant at all – it’s so crazy! 

My regular clothes are not really fitting…a little tight and un-comfy while at the same time, my bump is not quite ready for maternity clothes yet.

So, what is a girl (on a budget) to do?

Get creative and hang on for a few more weeks!



Front view – no bump.



Side view – bump.

(I know mom – I should stand up straight…look at the difference!)


  • Loose fitting dresses, wrap dresses that are adjustable and elastic waist skirts are my best friends at the moment!
  • Wear braided belts (easily adjustable) above your bump. This accentuates the smallest part of your waist (while you still have one) and adds a bit of definition to an otherwise boxy dress.
  • Busy, busy, busy patterns!  This is a great way to play tricks on the eyes and is very flattering.  This tip helps to present an overall look instead of just focusing on your growing areas (in the transition stages).
  • Stretchy fabrics – they are comfortable.  Period.


Have a great LONG weekend everybody!

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