August 22, 2012

Bacon what?


Bacon who?  Bacon where?  Bacon what?  BACON PANCAKES!




I know, it probably sounds crazy, but I have seen the above picture for weeks now floating around on Pinterest

I was actually quite intrigued and to me, the thought of bacon pancakes sounded quite good; I’m thinking that it is the breakfast equivalent of a corn dog.  Same thought process – meat wrapped in batter (sounds funny, I know).

Anyway, this past Sunday I thought I would give it a whirl.  Since Mike will eat anything, I knew they wouldn’t go to waste if the pancakes just happened to be a little bit off kilter, but luckily they weren’t!



For our version of bacon pancakes, instead of cooking strips of bacon (which I really don’t enjoy) and topping them with pancake batter, I thought of an easier technique to achieve the same flavor.  Bacon Bits!  I have a big bag in my freezer and they were perfect for this application – no thawing required.  Even better.

I whipped up my normal go-to pancake batter, added the bacon and a few tablespoons of syrup for a sweet spin (think savory and sweet like a McGriddle) and threw them on the griddle…well, ladled actually if you must know Smile

Here’s how:

Bacon Pancakes

1 1/2 C complete pancake mix (I use Hungry Jack)

1 C water

2 T syrup

2 T real bacon bits


Mix together and cook as directed on pancake mix.


Here’s the result – perfection!




We ate ours as pancake tacos which made the bacon pancakes even more delectable.  I tried this technique for the first time when camping a couple of years ago and LOVED it.  It was a one bite, one handed way to eat breakfast and was even easier clean up – a must when camping.




To do this at home simply use the pancake as the “taco” and stack it with scrambled eggs and melted cheese.  Dip in syrup if desired.  So delicious!



See the bacon bits – soooo good!

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