August 7, 2012

Dollar Days


As school starts this week, I feel compelled to share my love of a certain store with you all.  Teachers know it well, since most of what goes into our classroom has been purchased with our personal money (hug a teacher today). 

We are always trying to figure out ways to recreate things that we see in catalogues and on Pinterest in the most frugal way possible.  Dollar Tree has helped me do that not only in my classroom, but at home as well, saving lots of green along the way.




I know many people turn their nose up at stores like this and think that the items  available in them aren’t worth the little money spent, but I am here to tell you differently.

Of all the dollar type stores, Dollar Tree is my favorite (EVERYTHING IS $1 or LESS) and in my opinion has the best quality.  Not everything in there is worth the money, but below are my top ten money saving items that have saved me lots recently. 

If you have a Dollar Tree near by, check it out; you won’t be sorry.

Be smart, be frugal!




1.  Disposable bake ware/plastic food containers

SUCH A DEAL!  The disposable bake ware is my favorite thing to buy at Dollar Tree.  After starting my food delivery portion of Grocery Lane, I quickly found out that disposable bake ware and storage was quite expensive in regular grocery stores.

After perusing Dollar Tree one day I felt like I hit the jackpot.  They had all different sizes and shapes and most of them even come with lids/toppers.  My mom even picked up quite a few to take to her church dinners and throw away after. 

The plastic food storage containers are very reliable as well, and some are even name brands. 

2.  Storage baskets/trash cans

Since I love to reorganize my organization I am constantly in need of baskets, bins, and other storage bins of different sizes.  Not only does Dollar Tree offer different sizes, they offer bright and vibrant colors to go along with it – perfect for organizing closets, laundry rooms, kids rooms, classrooms, etc.). 

3.  Office Supplies

Not only does Dollar Tree offer sturdy mesh desk trinkets (pencil cups, containers, business card holders) they also offer a great array of pens, pencils, markers (Sharpies), highlighters, etc.  I have used them all and they work great! 

4.  Foil Balloons

A vast array of shiny foiled helium balloons are available and blown up on the spot as needed for $1 each.  Perfect for parties!

5.  Gift Giving Supplies/Party Supplies

Speaking of parties (#4), Dollar Tree has an excellent selection of gift bags, tissue paper, wrapping paper and fillers – all of which can add up very quickly at other stores.

They also have an excellent selection of colored plates, napkins, plastic cutlery and tablecloths for parties as well as themed decorations for most occasions.

6.  Air Fresheners

Spray air fresheners (name brands) are readily available and are great to have on hand.  There are even some stand alone fresheners available, although I haven’t seen many of the scented oils.

7.  Candy

There is a great selection of candy, perfect for Easter Baskets or Stocking Stuffers.  They are usually the “movie theater” size but delicious none the less.  They even have bags of my favorite – Wether’s Original!  Sugar free options are also available.

8.  Greeting Cards

Many times the greeting cards are actually 2 for $1 and are not as generic as you would think – some are quite funny!

9.  Toothbrushes/Toothpaste

Most of these items are name brands with a large selection to choose from.  Perfect for everyday use, or great to have on hand for travel.

10.  Kids Items (Educational)

Examples:  Coloring books, educational games, crossword puzzles and jigsaw puzzles


Honorable Mention:  Mike and I have also found many, many great items for Halloween costumes and themed parties at Dollar Tree. The kids section has lots of great things to choose from!

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