August 6, 2012

Menu Monday


Well, it’s officially that time again…back to work this morning!  I can say that I have mixed emotions.  I’m always happy to get back into somewhat of a normal routine and fill out my new planner (dork, I know), but at the same time will definitely miss the freedom and relaxation that this past summer added to my daily life.



6am breakfast…oh how I’ve missed you (sarcasm).


In honor of a new school year, I always like to set a few goals in order to try to be more productive each and every day.  Last year it was as simple as eating breakfast and  putting on my make up at home (instead of in the car; dangerous I know).  This meant getting up about 15 minutes earlier and worked out wonderfully.  I was less stressed and felt ready to tackle the day once I got to work.

This year, here are some of my goals:

  • Coffee:  Drinking my one cup of (decaf) coffee at home before leaving for work and not putting it into a travel mug to take with me.  This way I’m drinking fewer cups (travel mugs generally hold about 2 cups) and I don’t have to worry about forgetting the stinky coffee mugs at work or cleaning them when I get home.  Once I get to work, it’s water the rest of the day.
  • Blogging the night before:  Last year, I often found myself blogging the morning of (which I am actually doing right now, but this is the last time – promise) and feeling rushed to get out of the door on time.  So, from now on it’s, dinner, blog, sleep…we’ll see if I can pull it off!
  • More crock pot meals!  I say this all to often, that I need to use my crock pot more; and by golly, I am going to follow through!  I have a new crock pot soup recipe on the menu for later this week and I even made an oatmeal breakfast recipe overnight for this morning.  It smells delish!
  • Using timers:  Setting the coffee pot the night before.  This doesn’t seem like it saves a bunch of time, but it actually does (for me at least!).  By getting everything ready in my coffee pot the night before and setting the timer; it’s always waiting on me, and makes the house smell delicious as well – think Folgers commercial.  I love getting out of the shower and smelling yummy coffee!
  • Grocery shopping on Sundays (when possible):  My usual shopping day is Monday, but that is also when Mike has soccer.  I often found myself rushing from work, to the grocery store, home to fix dinner and then leaving for soccer.  Not the ideal way to start off a week.  So, when I can, shopping on Sundays is my goal.  We went last night and are all ready for the week ahead!


As for our menu this week – here’s what we’re eating:

M:  Shepherd’s Pie w/ Roasted Carrots

T:  Sweet and Sour Chicken w/ Fried Rice

W:  Crock Pot Broccoli Cheese Soup

Th:  Pulled Pork Baked Potatoes w/ Green Beans

F:  Taco Salad

Sa:  Creamy Veggie Pasta

Su:  Blue Cheese Burgers w/ Sweet Potato Fries


Have a great week!

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