August 10, 2012

FF–Room to Grow


When going to back to school shopping this year I didn’t know what pieces I wanted to add to my wardrobe that would be functional (serving double duty in both fall and winter) and comfortable (walking, standing, sitting and bending down to 6 year olds all day). 

I was at a loss for a few days, but then it hit me…

why not make it one of my favorites: 

The Wrap Dress

IMG_8266 IMG_8273

I found two funky prints at Ross – each for $17 and jumped at the chance.  Wrap dresses gather at the waist and accentuate the smallest part of a person’s body.  Actually, they almost feel like nightgowns Smile

Wrap dresses are also great with a scarf, a pair of leggings and boots for the colder weather months. A perfect investment in my opinion.

But, if you want to know the real reason I chose the wrap dress? They provide ample room to grow. 

Why you might ask? 

Because Grocery Lane is expanding.  Literally.  In the stomach region.  For the next 6 months.




Yep … you guessed it …


Due date:  2/18/13



  1. Oh Lane!!! I am so excited for you and Mike :) WOW!!! This has made my Friday! Congrats and prayers for a healthy and safe pregnancy. Keep exercising, too :)

  2. How did I miss this? Congratulations!!!!!

  3. How exciting! We are so happy for you!!!! Love- Brian, Erin, Colin and Juliet!