November 13, 2011

Mixed Up

Do you ever get bored with cereal for breakfast?


I did.  Until a few years ago, I could care less about cereal.

We were visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Madison,Wisconsin (love that place) and one morning when I was in the kitchen perusing the cabinets for breakfast, I noticed that they had at least 4 different kinds of cereal in their pantry.  I was amazed.  Who ever eats that much cereal?

On the rare occasions that I would buy cereal, I would only buy one kind and by the end of the box would be so tired of it I didn't want any more.  Well, by the end of my visit with all of the different selections, I was getting crazy and tried mixing them all together.  BINGO!  So good, so many textures and great flavors. 



It made me think of myself as a kid when my friends and I would get a fountain drink and squirt (that word makes me laugh) a little bit of each carbonated beverage into the cup to make a mixture like no other.  This is just a grown up way of doing the same thing.


It changed my whole view on the cereal eating process.  To this day we have at least 3 different types of cereals in our pantry, sometimes even four.  I hardly ever eat only one kind at a time and love mixing it up!  This "tip"  may sound a bit silly, but you may find it helpful if you or your kids are in a breakfast rut.  Simple, easy and worth a shot!

Cereal has never tasted so good.


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  1. Smart Start, Cinnamon Life and Shredded Wheat.
    Vacation boxed cereal: Frosted flakes, apple jacks and frootloops. OMG