November 6, 2011



After our fishing extravaganza in the morning, we headed to Mt. Dora where we checked into our Bed and Breakfast to celebrate the rest of our anniversary weekend.  I hadn’t stayed at a B&B since I was very young and was beyond excited that Mike made the reservations.  It was so cute and in the perfect location. 


The Adora Inn is a modern boutique bed and breakfast and is very clean and classy. I fell in love with the place the minute we walked in.  

The Inn, built in 1916 was presented a certificate of Historic Significance for its architectural and historical significance to the city.  I can see why, so beautiful! 


We stayed in the Periwinkle room and had an antique claw-foot bathtub in the bathroom.

   IMG_0178 IMG_0186 IMG_0185


Breakfast on Sunday morning was delicious and we enjoyed great company with the two other guests along with the two owners, self described foodies, John and Arthur.  They are delightful and made us feel right at home.  We swapped traveling stories and munched on very gourmet treats.


  • Eggs Florentine with crusty bread
  • Pineapple and Banana Parfait with Ricotta
  • Peach with Cheese Danish



If you are ever in the area or are looking for a close weekend getaway, I would highly recommend the Adora Inn.  It’s adora-ble!  

     IMG_0188 IMG_0193 IMG_0191


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  2. How adorable! Uncle Jerry and I will probably be staying at this B&B for a quick weekend get-away some time. Thanks for the post.