November 29, 2011

The Last Supper

My mother in law, Pam, has been our guest for the last week and a half and just departed early this morning to go back to the frozen tundra of Wisconsin.  While she was here, she:

  • loved sitting on our back porch and soaking up the sun 
  • couldn't believe that we actually get to hang our outside Christmas lights in 80 degree weather
  • thinks it's pretty peculiar to hear Christmas music on the radio when it feels like we could be heading to the beach.

We enjoyed having her here for the Thanksgiving holiday and will definitely miss her company!

For her last supper with us in Florida we feasted on Cuban Burgers. 
This burger has all of the components of a Cuban sandwich (dill pickles, yellow mustard, Swiss cheese, ham) only substituted with  hamburger meat  instead of pork and pressed in between a bun instead of Cuban bread. 

Definitely a fun twist on a classic sandwich!

Cuban Burgers:

Print this recipe!
  • Ground Sirloin
  • thinly sliced sill pickles (I used my mandoline - awesome)
  • reduced fat Swiss cheese
  • sliced ham
  • yellow mustard
  • hamburger buns

Grill/cook hamburgers to preferred doneness. 
Make an assembly line of toppings. 
Spread yellow mustard on both sides of the bun. 
I love pickles, so I put them on the top and bottom of the bun. 
Add the hamburger and then stack the ham and cheese. 
Wrap in foil and press on a panini (optional).


No panini press?  Wrap the burger in foil and heat up a saute pan.  Add another saute pan on top of the burger and put a can of soup on top of that for some weight.  You will get the same effect!



This was a simple Monday night meal that even the rain couldn't stop.  The original plan was to have Mike grill while we sat on the back porch with a glass of wine enjoying the weather.  That was until the rain came barreling through. 

We moved our plan inside and I just used my grill pan and we enjoyed wine by the Christmas tree instead.  Almost as perfect!

Cuban Burgers

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