November 2, 2011

Double Duty


As the cooler months approach, I am always looking for double duty outfits.  Since we don't have too many cold weather days in Florida, I only have a few warm items! 

To combat this, I believe in layering, clothing items that serve more than one purpose, and my favorite trick when all else fails - adding a scarf (and yes, I confess, I even do this in warmer weather)! 

Here is an example of taking an inexpensive summer dress that I bought at Target a couple of months ago and changing it into a fall/winter staple. 

By adding a cardigan, tights* and boots you have created a brand new (cooler weather) outfit!

DSCN9892  DSCN9890

* I highly recommend these navy tights from H&M.  Soft and comfy!

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