November 1, 2011

Great Gadgets: Tasting Spoons

If you have ever volunteered to help in the kitchen when dinner prep is happening you would probably agree that one of the best perks is to help with "poison control". I love to be the taste tester. That is my favorite part of cooking.

The only problem I found with taste testing was that I never had any clean spoons when it was actually time to eat. As I was cooking, I would constantly grab a spoon to "test for seasonings" (that sounds so culinary), and would automatically put the dirty spoon in the sink. My personal rule is to try not to create more work for myself, so when I was constantly having to wash spoons from the dirty dishwasher it was a bit aggravating.

That's when the "aha" moment happened and I thought to myself, "Why don't I have..."


The very next day I was on a mission. I love any excuse to head to IKEA and proceeded to pick out a package of 6 "fun" spoons that are totally different from our everyday silverware to use as tasting spoons while cooking.

I found one of my great-grandmother's old fashioned juice glasses as a holder and made a nice, cozy spot nestled next to my other kitchen utensils right beside my stove. So far, the idea has been awesome. No more wasted spoons or wasted time. Yee-haw!

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