November 7, 2011

Get Lost

I am not the best navigator.  I’m not the worst either.  However, if you have ever visited a corn maze, all bets are off.  EVERYBODY gets lost.  Even the ones with the maps!
Long and Scotts Farm located in Zellwood, FL is only about 10 minutes from our house and hosts the biggest corn maze adventure around Orlando. 
Mike and I had been talking about checking it out for a while and decided that it would be the last stop on our whirl-wind anniversary weekend tour.


This year’s theme was renewable energy.  Upon entering we got a puzzle book that had activities to do inside of the maze with snippets of information on renewable energy.

We were given a flag to carry with us to wave if we got lost, so the rescuers could come find us.  Apparently this happens a lot and people really get scared.

I must say, I wouldn’t want to do it alone and it can be frustrating because you have NO CLUE as to where you are going! But on the flip side, that part also makes it a lot of fun.


The workers told us that it could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 1/2 hours to get through the maze. 

We were in and out in about a hour and a half, but we did not, however, fill in our whole book of clues. 

We thought getting out due to the downpour that was approaching was more important.  I can’t imagine being caught in the maze in the rain.  Muddy mess!


Besides the different colors tied to the corn, EVERYTHING LOOKS THE SAME!


Filling in clues.


6 1/2 acres of corn.


WE MADE IT…and we didn’t even have to use the rescue flag!  Whoohooo!


Sweet corn, crazy maze, great day!

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