April 25, 2016

Menu Monday

It's Monday again.  Yawn.  I don't have much new to report, but read on to see what fun plans and yummy meals we have scheduled for this week!

This was the scene (above) from our house Friday afternoon before we headed to Palatka for more reno work.  Since we have been burning the candle at both ends, we made sure we had time for some playing and relaxing after school.  Then, after we all ate dinner, we packed the car and started driving around bedtime in hopes that the kiddos would sleep.  Well, one slept like a log and the other one talked and sang the whole way (which we love).  Luckily, they both were asleep in no time once we had their beds set up at Gransie's house.

Saturday started with some major demolition...

...and ended with "date night" (and more painting).

This is about as crazy as our date nights get these days, but I'll take it!

Sunday was a lot of sanding and priming doors.  These interior doors tend to be really "thirsty" and soak up paint like crazy.  We ended up doing 2-3 coats of primer to ensure a nice finished look when the final coat goes on.  It doesn't look like much, but it is a big time saver in the long run.

I will have another Inheritance Project update coming next week (Part 1 and Part 2), but I will say that we are having lots of mixed feelings.  We see so much progress happening, but we also see SO much more that needs to be completed.  We are headed up again this weekend and then might take a few weekends off to re-energize.  This project has been quite demanding and we.are.tired.

However, no matter how tired we really are, we are always excited for a new week with new adventures to begin.  This week I will be helping with an Orlando Moms Blog sponsored event called Bloom.  This is a new and expectant mom event with tons of swag and lots of great access to local resources.  It will be held at Downtown CREDO in College Park and The Finley Project will be the recipient of the "giving back" portion of the program.  Yay!

I am also looking forward to a fun night out with my littlest man on Saturday night.  We are headed to a live performance of Mary Poppins in Palatka and we are both so excited!

As for the rest of the week I am soooo looking forward to the counter top installation happening tomorrow at the reno house.  Mike is headed up to oversee that project and I know they will be gorgeous!  Our menu will also be top notch (the few nights that we are home).

T:  Chicken Pesto Paninis w/ Chopped Salad
W:  Mexican Meatloaf w/ Black Beans and Broccoli
Th:  Lane @ Bloom, Mike leftovers
F:  Palatka
Sa:  Palatka
Su:  Palatka

Have a sweet week!

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