April 18, 2016

Menu Monday

Hola! As always, here is a recap of what we have been up to lately.  Read on to find out all the details of our hard working weekend.

Our weekend actually started Thursday night.  I had Friday off from work and we decided to head up to work on the house a day early.  

Before heading out, we met our friends Lynn and Tuller for a quick dinner date at Shake Shack.  We haven't seen our peeps for months and we were having withdrawals.  This house reno is teaching us a lot, but it is also cutting into our social scene.  We miss our people!

The kiddos were soooo excited to see Lynn and Jay (it's been waaaaay to long) and so were we.  The burgers, fries and shakes were delish, as usual, and the view is breathtaking which is one of the reasons we love to go there; the parking situation however, is a little less than stellar.

After dinner we made the trek up to Palatka.  The kiddos and I slept while Mike drove.  Luckily our kids are "go-babies" and transfer to the bed/crib very easily which makes this reno process a bit easier.

Friday morning started out with a bang as the tree trimmer showed up to clear out some branches that were hanging dangerously low to the roof and Franco from J&J Fabrications came to measure for our new countertops (!!!).  So exciting!

The rest of the weekend was hard, hard work.  I will have a full recap coming tomorrow, but to give you an idea, we painted the kitchen cabinet faces, installed new hinges and hardware and then put the faces on the cabinet bases.  We also sealed the new tile floor (twice), painted a bedroom and a bathroom, installed baseboards and the appliances among other things.  

Needless to say we are exhausted, but having visits from these little people while we are working reminds us why we are doing this.

We are *hoping* to have this project pretty much completed in a month...fingers crossed.  We still have a lot on our to do list, but our vision is definitely starting to shine through.

Here is a sneak peak until tomorrow's Inheritance Project - Part 2 post (to read Part 1 click here).

I am in love with the way the kitchen is coming together.  The appliances are definitely nicer than what we have at home!

This week is packed full again, with, you guessed it, another trip to Palatka this weekend.  Until then, here is what's on the menu:

M:  Brinner - Veggie Eggs w/ Roasted Potatoes and Smoothies
T:  Chicken and Wild Rice Soup
W:  Steak Salad
Th:  Crock Pot Lasagna and Broccoli
F: Palatka
Sa: Palatka
Su: Hot Dogs and Carrot Sticks with Ranch

P.S.- This little lady turned 7 months old on Thursday and has been up on all fours.  She's ready to move and can't wait to try to keep up with her big bro!

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