April 11, 2016

Menu Monday

Howdy and Happy Monday!  Is it me or do the weekends get shorter and shorter?  Read on to see what our crazy little family has been up to.

But first, let's rewind.  

We had a houseful of sick, sick people last week.  It was really pitiful.  Hilty was sent home from school Wednesday afternoon because she had been throwing up.  Her school (same as E's) has had a time with a nasty virus and we knew it was going around.  Vomiting, chills, aches, nausea but no fever.  Just misery. Mike started to get the funk Wednesday afternoon shortly after picking her up from daycare.  I stayed home with her on Thursday and as she started to feel better I came down with it.  To top it all off, as Everett was getting home from school Thursday afternoon he started with all of the symptoms, too.  

Luckily, it was a 24 hour bug and after staying home from school on Friday we were all muuuuch better by noon.  THANK GOODNESS.  We had to cancel our Thursday night plans (sorry Tullers!), but our weekend plans stayed intact.  Two thumbs up for that.

Since every weekend now entails heading up to Palatka to work on our reno house, we thought it would be fun to head to Gainesville first and check out the Orange and Blue Spring game.  This was the first time it was held at night and I was so excited to take the kids.  Free admission and gorgeous weather.  Yes please.

We, along with 46,000+ fans were treated to an offensive show by the blue team.  I miss football so much during the offseason, and this just got me so much more excited about the fall!  Did I mention the weather was absolutely perfect?  I love Gainesville.

Mike was even trying to teach E to do the chomp.  I made my heart happy.  However, you notice, he (Mike) will never not represent the Badgers while cheering for the Gators.  Wisco boy at heart.

The Swamp:  Only Gators get out alive!
We left about halftime to make the trek to Gransie's house for another weekend of working on The Inheritance Project.  We only had about a day and a half this weekend instead of a full two, but still made progress; lots of painting and a pedestal sink installation (hallelujah).  I'll have another update on our progress for you all next week.

Sunday my mom had a meeting, so we decided to head out earlier than normal and make a pit stop at the beach for some much needed fun.  We have been burning the candle at both ends working on the house, so we were so happy to have some fun fam time.

Hilty loved being able to sit up and play in the sand.  She's a beach girl in the making.  And of course E could play all day.  We even had his bike in the car so he got to ride all over the hard sand all afternoon.  He was a happy boy!

This week is a short(er) one.  I don't have work on Friday, so we are heading to Palatka on Thursday night to get 3 solid work days in.  Baseboards, painting and cabinet installation is calling our names!  Since food is always our first priority, here's our menu!

M:  Tomato Pesto Pizza
T:  CP Pot Roast and Veggies w/ Stuffing 
W:  Brinner - Southwestern Scrambled Eggs w/ Home Fries
Th:  Chicken Kebabs w/ Baked Potatoes
F: Palatka
Sa: Palatka
Su: Sausage and Yellow Rice w/ Broccoli

Somebody is turning 7 months this week!!!

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