October 26, 2012



Well my friends, it has officially been one whole year of Grocery Lane!

Yesterday was my 1 year Blogiversary…and I can’t believe it.  I started this literally on a whim (I actually wanted to launch a business website with the same name offering the services mentioned under my Services tab) and am so glad I did.



I don’t know what I thought it would become…and still don’t… but I do know that I love sharing our life, interests and experiences with you all.

People ask me all the time:

  • How do you even start a blog?  I just went to Blogger.com, set up an account and started typing.  Totally free to start.
  • Is it hard?  Nope!  It’s essentially like typing a word document and adding pictures.
  • Do ideas just come to you?  Most of the time the ideas just come to me, sometimes I am inspired by other blogs and put my own spin on things, or I have recommendations from friends.
  • Why did you do it?  I needed an outlet from my everyday work life and wanted to inspire people to try new things and share what works for me.


What I love most about blogging:

  • Finding my “writing voice” and sharing with other people.
  • Having a husband that is 100% supportive and challenges me to make it better.
  • Hopefully inspire others to get (a little bit more) organized, try new recipes and experience all that life has to offer.
  • I love when I get random emails or texts sharing something that my readers have incorporated from the blog into their own lives(recipes, purchases from the It List, recommended day trips). 
  • I love that our families can keep track of what we’re doing as well as having an online journal so we can keep track of what we’re doing, as well as all of my favorite recipes.


What I love least about blogging:

  • Finding time to do it after a long day at school, usually around 5am the day of.
  • The stress of finding decent material to talk about and share.
  • Internet problems (luckily I haven’t had that many…knock on wood).


Stats so far:

  • 37,755 total page views
  • Posts have been viewed by readers in:US, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, China, Philippines, Russia, Australia, France
  • Average page views per day:  120-150 (In the real blogging world, that is NOT a lot, but I’ll take it for now Smile)
  • Top 5 posts of all time:

Where’s Waldo

Swamp People

Boot Socks

Sweet Baby J



Goals for the next year of Grocery Lane:

Keep on keepin’ on.  I know that when our new bundle of joy comes along, all bets are off; especially since this venture is not one with income attached.  But I hope to continue to share our journey and our lives as much as possible.


To all of you that have been there from the beginning – thank you.  To those of you who are new readers, welcome!  Make yourself at home, I’m glad you’re here!!!



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