October 18, 2012

Ghoulishly Good


It’s almost that time…Halloween!  Mike and I just came up with our costumes last night, which are creative, but I think pretty funny.  After searching for pregnant couples costumes endlessly, and discovering that there weren’t any really, really good ones (there are a couple that were ok) Mike came up with our final decision and I’m pretty excited about it.

As for our party plans?  I think we are headed to a house party at our friend Lynn’s house and I can’t wait to take some of these ghoulishly good snacks.  Don’t be afraid to be festive and have fun!

You can access all of these recipes by clicking on the picture or the caption…and good news, if you just Google Halloween Party Food, there are tons more online!



Mummy Dogs



Cheesy Fingers



Nutter Butter Ghosts



Glow in the Dark Concoction



Apple Teeth



Eyeball Snacks


Used Band-Aid Cookies



Brain Cupcakes



Veggie Pumpkin


Bloody Punch

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