October 4, 2012

Baby A

I just wanted to share some of the newest pictures of our little gummy bear.  We had a great report from the Dr. yesterday and did find out the sex, but have to wait until next Friday to reveal the news.  I am having a "Gender Reveal Party" with my first grade class and I don't want the news to get out and ruin the surprise!

Here are some shots from the photo shoot:


 Pieced together like a puzzle.

Looking right at the camera!

I actually had to go back to get a few more images taken at the end of the day (our first appt. was in the morning).  The U/S technician forgot the pics of the heart and felt horrible that I had to come back - I didn't mind however because I love seeing our little peanut on the screen.  Anyway, she was so apologetic and then said, she was going to give me a little treat since I was so accommodating...soooo, she did a few 4d images for me.  It was so awesome!

She informed me that they usually didn't do the 4D this early since the babies don't have a lot of fat on them yet, but she still got some pretty good shots.  I was so excited!

So precious.  I love the little arms!

Sleepy baby.

A great ending to a great day!

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