October 10, 2012



I think most little girls want to feel like a princess.  Even if they don’t, they definitely love to dress up.   Either way, they love tutus!

This is a great way to have a quick and easy tutu for your little princess without a lot of time or effort (and NO SEWING)!  This also makes a great birthday or Christmas gift no matter how big or small.

Here’s how I made mine:

To start I would read over these two tutu tutorials found here and here.  They were very helpful to me as I started (they have great pictures, too).  These ladies (in the recommended sites)used the very convenient rolled tulle that is already on 6 in. rolls which makes the process even faster.  Although I found the rolled tulle at Michael’s, there wasn’t a huge variety of colors and I had to opt for the tulle on a bolster from JoAnn’s.


This tutu tutorial is for a baby/toddler sized tutu.



  • Colored Tulle

-if using rolls, 2-3 rolls (depending on how full you want it)

-if using cut tulle, 4-5 yards total (divvy up between colors if using more than one color)

  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • Scissors and Measuring Tape
  • Cardboard (15” for this size)






Step 1 (omit if using rolled tulle):

Cut the tulle into 6 inch sections.  Do this for all colors being used.







You should have about 4 six inch sections when finished.




Step 2:  **THE MOST IMPORTANT**:  Cut the tulle into even sections. 

This step is a great way to ensure your tutu is full and even.  Since the cardboard in 15” this will make the  finished tutu 7 1/2 inches long.

Wrap your 6 inch sections around the cardboard and cut at both ends.  This will make your life easier.  Trust me.




Do this for all colors being used in the tutu.




Step 3:  Prep the ribbon.  This will be the waist of the tutu.

Take your ribbon and start 15” from the end.  Then measure out about 12-16 inches for the actual waist (depending on the size of the baby/toddler) and then leave another 15” on the other end.

I tie knots at each 15” mark so I know where to put the tulle (in between the knots).  The leftover ribbon on each end will be used to tie the bow.




Step 4:  Slip knot the tulle!

It is very helpful to tie the ribbon onto a chair back.  This makes the process go a little bit faster and you can ensure tight slip knot of tulle onto the ribbon.




Now you're going to "slip knot" each piece of tulle onto the ribbon.  To do this, take one piece of the cut tulle and fold it in half.

Place it behind the ribbon with the loop on the top and the "tails" of the tulle on the bottom and pull through.  Tighten.



*I didn’t get very good pictures of this process, but there are good pictures on this tutorial.

Continue making slip knots until you reach the two knots on the grosgrain ribbon.  To finish, undo the end knots and tie leftover ribbon in a bow and…


Full, fashionable and so much fun!!!


For this Wisconsin Badger tutu I alternated colors in this pattern:  3 red, 2 white, 1 black.



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