October 31, 2011

Where's Waldo?

Waldo is actually a small town about 14 miles northeast of Gainesville and is considered the "Speed Trap Capital of the World".  I know this because I drove through it every day of my K-12 school life and would see many, many cars pulled over on a daily basis!

On the other hand, Waldo of Where's Waldo fame is actually a pretty great inexpensive and home made Halloween costume.  Mike and I decided this past Christmas that we wanted to be Waldo and his girlfriend Wenda for Halloween this year. 

The plan was to start looking for costume items up until Halloween so we wouldn't be caught off guard and scrambling at the last moment.  Not so much.  Thursday night we found ourselves running to three different stores to pick up last minute items and staying up late concocting our masterpieces. 

With a little bit of red duck tape, yarn, dollar tree accessories, and a few things we had on hand, you too can have a to-die-for Waldo and Wenda look alike costume! 

We, with a few of our friends, went to tailgate at the UCF Homecoming game since we don't frequent the area and had never seen the new stadium.  We thought there would be tons of people dressed up as it was Halloween weekend, but were sadly mistaken.  As far as costumes were concerned, there was not much to write home about, and I can confidently say that Waldo was a hit.  Mike was treated like a celebrity with many people wanting pictures with him and shouting, "I found him!  I found Waldo!" everywhere we went.  It was hilarious.  I can't wait to start planning for next year!

Happy Halloween!

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