October 30, 2011

Cozy Koozies


I am not usually a huge collector of things.  I was never a “buy a shot glass wherever I go” kind of person because I a. don’t like shots and b. didn’t want to have to have a place to keep them.  I did go through a collecting pitchers stage, but quickly outgrew that as fast as I outgrew space.  Now a days I like to get a new Tervis Tumbler here and there, but not too much else.  Except…KOOZIES.  I love them. 

I don’t know if it happened when I met Mike and started traveling more and and experiencing new things or not. I don’t remember really being into koozies before we started dating, but I do know that now we are bonafide koozie collectors.  They are inexpensive, have multipurpose capabilities, are small, easy to transport anywhere and help to keep your hand from freezing off when drinking a cold beverage (not only beer – great for water and sodas as well). 

We look for koozies on any trip we take, or any event that we participate in.  They seem to be great conversation starters at parties and can bring back some really fun memories. 

The only thing you must have if you are a true koozie collector is a koozie container.  Most of our friends have koozie containers and when we are at their house we automatically know where to go if we need one – assuming we didn’t bring our own (which is rare).  Ours is located in our pantry where we have easy access whenever we need one.  Prost!

 DSCN9797 DSCN9799 DSCN98021

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