October 26, 2011


One of Nana's famous aprons.

Some of my favorite cooking accessories are by far my aprons.  I have about six that I rotate into my nightly food preparation routine throughout the week.  They are not only A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E, but they can make cooking dinner after a long day at work a little less daunting.  Most of the ones that I wear are handmade by my Nana, which I love, but there are many stores that offer great selections as well.  I have had luck with Anthropologie and Home Goods lately.

A few good reasons to invest in a cute apron:

1.  Even if you can't cook it will make you feel like a rock star chef.

2.  It's a great cover up when doing arts and crafts with kids.  I have "school aprons" that I wear in my classroom when we do any sort of painting projects.

3.  When doing a quick cleaning of your house before last minute guests arrive, it's a must to avoid dust bunnies getting on your party clothes.  It is also a little bit "Leave it to Beaver" as well - love that.

4.  The bottom half of the apron can double as the bottom of a German dirndl when going to an Oktoberfest party.

5.  Add a little spice.  When worn without any clothing, it's a great way to greet your husband after a long day at work!

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