October 30, 2011

“Soup”er Duper


I was a picky eater. Mike still thinks I am. At times part of me agrees.

However I would prefer saying I'm a particular eater. That sounds a bit more distinguished. But it still means picky. I was a pain growing up when it came to food. I was infamous for asking what was for dinner and when my mom, who is a wonderful cook, would tell me what was on tap I would roll my eyes and sigh. B-ratty.

I have since apologized profusely for doing that having previously been married to someone who did the same thing to me every night. Except he was an adult.

Anyway, I remember one day asking my mom that dreaded question and she said "Sausage Bean Soup". Gross. No way. Not eating it. It didn't sound the least bit appetizing...until I tried it. AMAZING!

It is the easiest, most delicious soup ever. My girlfriend from college and her mom swear by it and still talk about the first time they tried it. This is one of my go-to meals and perfect for fall and winter. Only 3 ingredients, 4 if you include the rice it is served over and better yet, it freezes well. Definitely a home run. Enjoy!

Mom's Famous Sausage Bean Soup (quick version)

Print this recipe!

1 pkg.   Reduced-fat ground Pork Sausage
1 can    Garlic and Olive Oil Diced Tomatoes (with juice)
4 cans   Great Northern Beans (with juice)
Brown sausage. Add tomatoes and beans. Heat through. Done.
Serve over white rice (optional).
-Want to make it even better?  If you have a bit more time, or want to experiment with a few more ingredients you can brown a bit of celery, onion and garlic when browning the sausage.  This will give the already yummy soup a little more depth of flavor.




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