October 27, 2011

Utility Towels

Iron Chef Colored Bar Towels via Home Goods

My mom got me hooked on bar towels a couple of years ago when she put some in my Christmas stocking.  They were a great addition to my towel collection and were so easy to wipe up counter tops quickly.  They are a great size, not too big, absorb well and dry quickly.  They are also pretty cheap - which makes their appeal even better.  Bar mops are the all around "utility towel" that everyone should have.  The only negative thing I found was that I could only find them in white...blah.

I am a color person.  I believe a little splash of color here and there makes even the mundane tasks a little bit more fun.  So when I was shopping at Home Goods a month or two ago I flipped when I saw them:  COLORED BAR TOWELS!  I was so excited and ended up picking up two packs and wish now that I had picked up a few more to keep for myself or even give as a cool hostess gift. 

Drying dishes and cleaning up messes will never be fun, don't get me wrong, but this splash of color give it a little bit of sass!

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