March 27, 2012

A Tisket, A Tasket…

 here are some great ideas to fill an Easter basket!


In my opinion, Easter baskets are the next best thing to Christmas Stockings.  I love coming up with fun ideas that are fun, inventive and not calorie dense.  Candy is always fun to receive, but not the best option since Easter is in the middle of bathing suit season (at least in Florida)!

Here are some ideas that are practical,  multi use and figure friendly! 

Easter Basket Ideas -

Print this list!

  • bath salts, bubble bath
  • facial /mud mask - individual travel sizes to test out
  • fingernail polish/nail clippers/emery boards
  • books/magazines
  • new work out DVD
  • mini recipe books - often found in check out lines
  • kitchen gadgets (spatulas, picnic knives, dish towels, etc)
  • Luna bars/dried fruit/trail mix
  • homemade granola/gourmet nut butters
  • lip balm
  • Tervis Tumbler - I have my eye on this one :).
  • small bottles of wine/champagne- World Market has great selections
  • hand soap
  • coffee - fun flavors
  • picture frame
  • gardening tools/gloves
  • candles/air freshener
  • gum/lifesavers/certs
  • Love Bucks

  • flashlight
  • jigsaw puzzles
  • cologne
  • tools
  • golf balls/tees
  • fishing lures
  • gift cards
  • car wash items
  • Tervis Tumbler
  • beach hat/sunscreen
  • beer/wine - Total Wine has a great selection and sells beers individually.
  • water bottle - great when exercising like Brita or Camelbak
  • crossword/word search books
  • Love Bucks

  • Easter storybook
  • Children's Bible
  • Silly putty/play doh
  • bunny themed jump rope or bouncy ball - to encourage kids to get outside!
  • puzzles
  • fun themed toothbrush
  • fun band aids
  • crayons/markers/paints
  • coloring books
  • fun hair accessories
  • small personalized Tervis Tumbler
  • new shoe strings
  • foam stickers and shapes
  • bath crayons or bath toys
  • sidewalk chalk
  • sunglasses
  • yo yo
  • flip flops
  • blocks/legos
  • finger puppets
  • card games
  • stuffed animal/small toys
  • Love Bucks

-If you do want to add a little bit of sweetness for your sweeties, try picking out one candy bar instead of incorporating a whole bag into the basket.

-Small budget?  Start with a small Easter basket and use travel sized items!

-Want to be more creative?  Go for a themed basket:  exercise, coffee and tea, cooking, gardening, tools, etc.

-Great stores with great deals and unique gifts:  World Market, Home Goods, Dollar Tree, Target $1 Bin, Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby


The only thing I'm really hoping is in my basket?
A big jar of natural PEANUT BUTTER!

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