March 31, 2012

Couldn’t Say No


If running 18 miles at 5 am on a Saturday morning isn’t crazy enough, the rest of our day has turned out to be even crazier.

A few days ago we were approached by our next door neighbors. We have been much more sociable with them lately, ever since they brought home an adorable shar pei puppy a couple of weeks ago.




Well…this discussion was much different than the small talk that usually ensues.  Apparently, soon after they brought the puppy home, they discovered that their son began having severe allergic reactions.  Because of this, the puppy (Sampson – love that name!) has been living in a crib in the garage until they figured out what to do.

They couldn’t take him back, and don’t have any local friends or family that wanted him.  Because of our interest in Sampson, they thought we would make a great fit.

Earlier in the week having a puppy was not in our immediate future, but hearing their story/proposition made us consider it a bit more.  Especially since they didn’t want anything in return and offered free dog sitting whenever we need it (like tonight).  Our initial reaction was mixed and we told them we’d discuss it and get back to them soon.


IMG_5261  IMG_5262

After discussing it over a 3 hour run and weighing the pros and cons, Mike convinced me that this opportunity would be worth it.  And Mike can be quite convincing. 

Sampson stole our hearts the minute we met him.  How could you say no to those wrinkles?


So, without further ado, we introduce:

Sampson Alexander


Now, after a quick Petsmart visit, we are taking advantage of the dog sitting and heading out to watch some final four action.  Pet ownership officially begins tomorrow.

Wish us luck!

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