March 16, 2012



I love sparkle, glitter and everything shimmery!  This black sequined tank top has become one of my staples and is actually very versatile.  I bought this particular top (Marshalls on clearance) for New Years Eve and have worn it many times either solo with a pair of jeans and heels or under a blazer/cardigan with black dress pants. 

The following pictures are from our date night this week and I loved how it came together.  This combo was just dressy enough to feel sassy while still casual enough for a mid week outing. 


Look #1:  Belt over cardigan.



Look #2:  Belt under cardigan.



Look #3:  No cardigan.  I liked this look the best, but because of the non-stop A/C in all of the restaurants in Florida, the cardigan was necessary!



Whether you are 18 or 80, sequins are great for all ages and dressed up or down, they are appropriate for almost all occasions. 

Get sequined and feel sassy – you deserve it!

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