March 17, 2012

Get Lucky


Confession time: I guess I have been living under a rock my entire life, but I can’t remember ever hearing of or drinking the infamous Shamrock Shake from McDonald’s.  Until a week ago, I didn’t even know these chilly concoctions even existed and truly had no idea what all the rage was about.  Shame, shame.

Now that I am back in the game and am all caught up on Shamrock Shake history, I am confident enough to bring you a DIY version that:

  • Can be made all year long, not just the month of March.
  • Is more figure friendly by using low fat ice cream and skim milk.
  • Saves a trip to McDonald’s and the temptation of ordering a meal to go with it.

I say it’s a win-win situation!



Shamrock Shake

Print this recipe!

  • 2 C low fat ice cream
  • 1 C skim milk
  • 1/4 t peppermint extract
  • 8 drops of green food coloring

Put all ingredients in a blender.  Blend to desired consistency.  Enjoy!



  • The milk/ice cream ratio is not set in stone.  Play around with the ratio if you like your shake thicker/thinner.
  • Add a few chocolate chips into the mix for a Mint Chocolate Chip version.



This shake might just be better than a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! 


Happy St. Patty’s Day!

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